Looking for Lincoln Heritage Trail Complete!

Thanks to generous donations from Awerkamp Machine, Quincy Exchange Club, and Signs in Time, Quincy’s Lincoln Heritage Trail project is complete!  The last component of the project included installation of trail signage, and 30 directional signs have been placed along the trail, guiding people to the next historic Lincoln site.  History buffs can now enjoy all the enhancements to the debate site, the 18 Looking for Lincoln waysides, and the Lincoln-Douglas Debate Interpretive Center with comfort and ease! 

This project has provided a lasting tribute to Lincoln’s ties with Quincy, and it could not have been completed without the support of our community and their commitment to enhancing historic Quincy.

The Lincoln Heritage Trail is part of a statewide ’Looking for Lincoln’ heritage initiative.  Quincy is one of twenty communities participating in this historic story trail.  Other communities include Lincoln, Alton, Pittsfield, Springfield, and more.  For more information about Quincy and other communities, be sure to check out www.lookingforlincoln.com

Thank you again to our sponsors!  Quincy Exchange Club www.quincyexchangeclub.com, Awerkamp Machine Company www.awerkamp.com, and Signs in Time .