Organization Overview

The Quincy Park District and the City of Quincy, along with Great River Economic Development Foundation (GREDF), Quincy University, Quincy Bicycle Club, John Wood Community College, and the Quincy Park Foundation, Inc. joined together to create the Quincy Greenway & Trails Plan in 1999. This Friends of the Trails was organized shortly after to help implement this outstanding quality of life improvement for our community.

Aerial Trail

Mission Statement

Friends of the Trails’ mission is to collaborate, promote, and educate the community on the multi-use trail system and greenways while providing organizational and fundraising capacities to supplement and lessen the burden of the City of Quincy, Quincy Park District, and Adams County.

Goals & Objectives

Complete the Quincy Greenways and Trails Plan and assist in the development of the Adams County Trails Plan in an attempt to meet the following goals and objectives:

  • Provide free, health related recreational opportunities for which families can participate together
  • Allow safer access to our existing parks
  • Provide linkage throughout the community for all socioeconomic populations
  • Increase educational opportunities for children and adults to learn bike safety Increase educational opportunities for motorists through public awareness and media coverage
  • Enhance the economic benefits for the community (tourism and recruitment of new businesses to Quincy)
Trail Creek

Programs & Services

In our attempt to act as a catalyst in the development and completion of the Quincy Greenways and Trail Plan, the Friends of the Trails provide the following services:

  • Collaborate with City/Park District/County officials to identify the needs and activities for which this organization can support
  • Collaborate with community groups and residents to gather input and encourage participation
  • Promoting the trails through publicity and fundraising.
  • Educate all stakeholders (City/Park District/County officials, community & philanthropic groups, and residents throughout the county) regarding use, safety and benefits of trails and greenways.