Biking Tips

1. Wear a helmet every time you ride. Even if you just ride on bike paths or around your neighborhood, make sure you put your helmet on before you go. ** When purchasing a helmet make sure it is designed for bicycling and approved by ANSI or Snell**

2. Stop at the end of the driveway. Most crashes between a car and bike happen when bikers don’t stop at the end of their driveway to look for cars, or when crossing a driveway on a sidewalk and a car pulls in front of them.

3. Always ride on the right side of the road. Even if you are just going one block or to the end of the street, it is never safe to ride against traffic.

4. Obey traffic laws. Your bike is a vehicle, and just like a car, you must stop for stop signs and lights. Obey all traffic signs.

5. Be Predictable. Don’t do anything that would surprise the driver of a car–don’t swerve, don’t clown around, and don’t run stop signs or lights.

6. Signal when making a turn. Let motorists know what you’re doing by using proper hand signals for turning and stopping.

7. Be Seen. Wear light-colored clothes when you ride, and try to get a bright helmet. If you ride at night, you must have a white front light and a red rear reflector.

8. Don’t ride too close to parked cars. Always be aware of parked cars. The driver may suddenly open the door in your path. Leave at least 3 feet of distance when passing a parked car.

9. Yield the right-of-way. Cars have to slow down for walkers, and so do you. When riding on a path, trail, or sidewalk, keep your speed down. Call out that you are approaching or passing.

10. Don’t clown around!! Never hitch a ride on a moving vehicle or do stunts or wheelies on a road with cars. Also, one person to a bike, unless it is a bike with two seats.

-From the League of American Wheelmen´╗┐