Complete Bill Klingner Trail

Friends of the Trail Fundraising Brochure

The Cedar Creek Corridor is a major element of the Quincy Greenway and Trails Plan. The Adams County Greenway & Bikeways Plan was adopted by the Adams County Board in 2006. The Cedar Creek Corridor was included in this plan. According to the Plan, the Bill Klingner Trail is to be constructed from Bonansinga Drive to 36th & Kochs Lane.

In partnership with the Quincy Park District, we broke ground on construction of the next section of the Bill Klingner Trail, which will extend the trail from 12th to 5th street. The trail is currently completed from 12th street to 18th street. When we set out to raise funds to support this section of construction, the community’s response was overwhelming. We reached our $500,000 goal in nearly half the time expected.

The next phase of the trail’s development will be from 18th street to 24th street. As we look ahead, we are hopeful the community’s generosity and support will allow us to quickly achieve our goal of $350,000. The Park District has committed to fund the remaining cost of the project. Additionally, IDOT has announced they will replace the 24th street bridge near the intersection of 24th and Wismann Lane. As part of this project IDOT, the Quincy Park District, and the City of Quincy have also committed to widening the opening under the bridge to accommodate a multi-use trail. It is encouraging to see this many groups come together for a shared purpose, and we look forward to the work to come.

We invite you to partner with us by making a 100% tax-deductible investment in your community. Pledges may be paid in monthly, quarterly, annually, or one single donation.

Bill Klingner Trail will provide years of outdoor activity and family fun for residents by adding new and improved amenities and access to this community asset. You can be part of the transformation! 

 Did you know? 

1 foot of trail is $350

1 yard of trail is $1,000

1 rod (16.5′) of trail is $5,000

1 chain (66′) of trail is $20,000

1 bridge  is $100,000