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• Wednesday, October 07th, 2009

Friends of the Trails is in the process of placing 30 hitch series bicycle racks in the downtown area. The funding was provided by the Illinois Maine Street Program.

The majority of the racks have been placed along Maine Street in the downtown area between 3rd and 12th Street. The bicycle racks each hold two bicycles and are located on city-right-a-way.

If you have not had a chance to use the new bicycle racks, please take the time to ride along Maine Street and see the improvements that have beautified the downtown area and visit the local area businesses.

The bicycle racks are displayed in the picture to the right. They are about 35 inches tall.   There is a portable rack at the Quincy Art Center and at City Hall that are available. We also just collaborated with Hy-Vee on Harrison to place two bicycle racks at their location.

If you are a business within the Quincy area and would like a bicycle rack at your location please feel free to give Jennifer Sousa a call at 217-228-4514 or e-mail her .

Friends of the Trails does have a limited number of racks left and would be happy to see if the rack can be secured in your location.

Bicycle Rack Locations

Brown Drug Co.
Quincy Medical Group
Maxwell & Bellis Photographers
TNT Golf Car & Equipment
Blumin’ Express Florist
Viar Electronics
Old Knights of Columbus Building
First Bank Plaza
Quincy Catholic Charities
Dollar General
100 N. 5th Street
Mercantile Trust & Savings
Charlie Ann’s Shooz & Accessories
Heimer & Assoc.
Orville Browning Substation
831 Maine St.
Quincy Area Convention &
Visitors Bureau
Adams County Court House
Quincy Art Center
City Hall
HY-VEE on Harrison
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• Wednesday, October 07th, 2009

Tour Quincy is an exciting new program the Quincy Area Convention & Visitors Bureau and Friends of the Trails launched this fall. The program will offer visitors the opportunity to rent bicycles to tour Quincy on an hourly, daily or weekend basis.

Although the newly purchased Trek Lime Lite bikes and Torker Bermuda Tandem are retro in look, they are fully loaded with comfortably padded seats and speed settings that make uphill riding a breeze.

The two tour bikes as well as the tandem bike will be available with helmets and bicycle locks.

The bikes can be checked out at the Quincy Area CVB, 532 Gardner Expressway. For more information call 800.978.4748. Newly updated Dogwood Trails Maps will also be available at the CVB.

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• Wednesday, October 07th, 2009

Safe Routes to School success is growing. The City of Quincy was awarded $322,000 in the 2007 application cycle to implement a sidewalk in front of Monroe School on Payson Road. The construction began in the Spring of 2009 to widen Payson Road and install sidewalks from 24th St. to 36th St. IDOT was working on updating the intersection at Payson Road and 36th this summer also.

The City of Quincy also submitted two grants for the application cycle of 2008 for funding to address biking and walking problems at St. Dominic’s School and Baldwin Intermediate School. This summer we found out that both of our grant requests had been granted. This is a huge success since we are the only Illinois community outside of Chicago to receive this type of financial support. We received $250,000 for improvements by Baldwin School. This encompasses changing the four lane road into a two lane road with a center turning lane from 30th-36th Street on Maine. It will also put in sidewalks where they are currently not present and insert a full intersection at 33rd. This intersection will allow the schools to close two of the other entrances/exits present.

St. Dominic’s was awarded $206,139 for road widening and sidewalk placement on the north side of the road. The funds will be used to fix the current crosswalk putting in curb gutter and sewer to create a formal area for students to cross the road. The construction looks like it will take place in 2011 at this time, due to the lengthy letting process from all the stimulus projects in the works in the state. Even though the program is helping us address barriers to children walking or biking to school, we additionally need to consistently encourage area students to walk and bike to school.
If you would like to learn more about the Safe Routes to School Program and how you can help, please log on to for more information.
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• Wednesday, October 07th, 2009

The 4th Annual Friends of the Trails Bicycle Fun’d Ride and Walk will be held August 22, 2009 at Wavering Park.  This annual poker run is a great way to stay active and experience the city of Quincy’s trail ways.  The cycling portion of the event will have four different distances for cyclists.  We will have 5, 15, 40, and 62-mile routes for participants to choose from.  The 62-mile participants will start between 6:30-7:00am.  The 40-mile participants will take off between 8-8:30am.  The 15-mile riders will take off between 10-10:30am and the 5-mile participants will leave between 11-11:30am.  All riders participating are required to start their designated route during the designated time frame and must wear a helmet.

Cost for the event are $18 for singles, $12 for children under 14, and $50 for families or groups of 3 to 5.  You must have your registration in before August 10, 2009.

If registering on the day of the event or after August 10, 2009 cost of the event is $20 for singles, $15 for children under 14, and $60 for families or groups of 3-5.

All walkers will be departing between 10:30-11am.  There will be no late starts. The first 200 participants registered will receive a complimentary T-shirt.  The Friends of the Trails will be awarding prizes for the best three hands for the walkers and cyclists.  After each participant finishes their portion of the event we will be hosting a spaghetti lunch for all participants to enjoy.  So come out and join friends or family for a relaxing morning to explore Quincy.  Grab your bikes and walking shoes and join us in Wavering Park for a day of fun and exercise.

Registration forms are available at Madison Davis Bicycle Shop, Univeristy of Illinois Extesnion Office, Planning & Development, and YMCA.

To register on-line go to

Thank you to the following sponsors Diamond Construction Company; Mid-West Abstract;  Madison-Davis Bicycles; City of Quincy; Quincy Area Convention and Visitors Bureau; Quincy Park District;  Images Offset Printing; the Quincy Bicycle Club; Anderson Graphics; First Choice Physical Therapy;  Great River Economic Development  Foundation; Mays, Walden, and Anastas; State Street Bank; Western Catholic Union; University of Illinois Extension Adams/Brown Unit; and Pepsi.

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• Wednesday, October 07th, 2009

Cedar Creek Multi-Use Trail’s first phase is complete; however, there is still a lot more to be accomplished. The Quincy Park District has a big project ahead of them to complete the trail way plans. The Cedar Creek Trail when completed will run from Bonansigna Drive to 36th Street creating about a 3 mile non-vehicular trail way for local residents and visitors. The trail is currently completed from 12th –18th Street.

The Quincy Park District has submitted a grant to the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program to help with the cost of the next phase that will go from 5th-12th Street, but at this time has not heard back from the program. The first phase was a huge accomplishment, but there is still a long way to go. The first section of trail way has two 80 foot long bridges installed to cross the creek and currently has two kiosk’s: one located on the west side of 12th Street; and the other located at Bob Mays Park. The first phase of the trail began construction in the Fall of 2008.

The City of Quincy and the Quincy Park District have worked together since 1994 to obtain land titles and conservation easements along Cedar Creek, primarily in the existing floodplain. This initiative helped spark the development of the Quincy Greenways and Trails Plan that was developed in 1998.

Cedar Creek Trail was suggested in the Quincy Greenways and Trails plan to run along Cedar Creek from Bonansigna Drive to the intersection of 36th Street and Cedar Creek. Since this concept was suggested in 1998 the plan has had to take some alternative routes due to development issues. We hope the general public is enjoying Quincy’s first off road multi-use trail and that everyone will see the benefit of this type of trail. Friends of the Trails looks forward to helping with the completion of the Cedar Creek Trail.

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